Monday, November 12, 2007

Gender Roles and a New Parenting Device

Some days back, I published my opinion on the unequally assigned gender roles in societies and how it shows in the modern American society at large. The angle I took was based on the arrival of a new baby stroller, the Abiie Stroller, equipped with a BabyDeck-a feature that will allow parents to change their baby’s diapers within the stroller instead of taking the child to a public restroom or anywhere in search of a changing-table. In the USA, many men’s restrooms lack a diaper-changing table and I pointed to this situation as an indicator of the gender-biased expectations made of moms/women to change their baby’s diapers in case it is needed.

In my opinion, the arrival of Abiie Stroller (in March 2008) will start the process of dissolving this gender-biased division of labor that is so far going to the advantage of men. A dad, whether willing or not to diaper-change the baby, has the pretext of non-availability of changing-table in men’s room, so the mom must take it to the women’s room to do the job. Since the built-in diaper-changing table (the BabyDeck) of Abiie Stroller will do away with the pretext, a social buttress of the gender-biased role of diaper-changing will be dazed down. Dads no longer will be able to hide under the excuse of the non-availability of a changing table and one more element promoting gender-inequality will be down.

Soon after the publication of my article at News Blaze, an uptight dad targeted my opinion on, referring to my view as ‘grandiose pronouncements on the state of gender relations’. More interesting is the fact that the guy’s comments did not try to refute the viewpoint but attempted to discard it on the basis of my nationality. Psychological defenses work their way forward (or ‘backward’ for that matter) in conformity with social stereotypes so that the biased male’s position is either that of indifference or opposition. My viewpoint received the criticism that I come from a place where gang rapes and stoning of women are done as punishment (I don’t remember when that last happened in my province). If I consider it true, I can claim logically that it does not fail my stance on the gender bias issue.

First, an individual belonging to a certain background need not approve of his/her society’s practices and notions (I am an atheist for example and a feminist also). Secondly, commentary on social issues is not to be confused with personal like/dislike. By gathering information from the Internet (the leading source of information for writers today), one can infer with confidence which way the wind is blowing. Thus, both personal criticisms of a writer and the tendency to reject his/her social background are more of psychological defenses rather than objective viewpoints.

As feminism advances with an ever-steady pace, biased male population may find it increasingly difficult to counter this move toward gender/social equality. Abiie Stroller’s design is a seal of the technological trend to make gender-neutral products. Like all anti-gross concepts, it is likely to receive hostile criticism from the dominating gender but there is little chance of such criticism to make it in the long run. Useful technology is its endorsement to the claim of success. And many people are always ready to cherish it!!!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Carrying the Sanitary Burden!

I must confess that I am a humorist and there are times when my tone takes an extra modicum of that satirical tinge which leaves the readers with a spinning head. But that works, doesn’t it? What fails to work here is common sense. Now it’s no ranting but do you think that Pizza Huts have reason enough not to provide a diaper-changing table? If you take their word, then it’s simply part of their ‘sanitation policy’ not to allow any baby changing tables since, as they claim, these can carry germs.

While not trying to be cynic, I am tempted to ask ‘what about the toilets in the hut?’ Toilets are the breeding places of germs, especially if they are not properly cleaned. So let’s ask the hut’s sanitation department: are these the baby-changing tables or toilets that are more difficult to wash clean of germs? Don’t wait for their answer. Because it’s definitely not going to tell you which of these two is harder to sterilize. Putting our brains to work, it is evident that these guys simply do not want the babies to be brought along.

For a pizza-lover, it is easy to leave the baby behind at home. For a caring parent, I’m afraid it’s not a good choice. If the caring parent is a pizza lover, he/she needs to work out some way that reconciles pizza and babies in the same hut without a diaper-changing table but still having the baby’s diapers changed without a snag.

My advice is ‘don’t wreck your brains on the puzzle!’ Why not? Because the solution isn’t in the head; it’s there in Abiie LLC’s new baby stroller with diaper-changing facility: the BabyDeck™ Stroller. With its own fold-out-and-change-diaper system, this baby stroller is the pizaa-loving parent’s heaven. If you are one of them, get yourself a BabyDeck™ Stroller, enter any pizza hut with non-available baby changing tables, and let them see the look of independence on your face. If the staff tells you that they don’t have the baby changing facility (which means ‘why you brought your little one in?’), tell them that you have an invisible diaper-changing table. Let them search your pockets and of they did find it, may be they will be tempted to charge you an extra few bucks for letting you use the hut’s floor for supporting the stroller.

What you do now? While not wanting to be cranky, I really think that pizza is not a health-friendly meal after all!

Consider your stroller case at

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Diaper Changing in a Shopping Mall

You’ve got your pay and the necessary stock in the house needs some beefing up? It’s shopping time! You must take your cash, check book, or credit card. Don’t leave your spouse or partner in the bathroom and, if you are a caring parent, don’t forget to take your baby along in his/her pram. Family shopping is always an excitement!

As you enter the mall, happy about all being perfect, something may send ripples in your enjoyable shopping venture: the need to change your baby’s diaper that suddenly seems to irritate the baby to the point of crying due to the stink and burning of his/her bottom. What do you do now? Of course, rush the child to the restroom in the mall. But do you know how long it can take you to get there? Well, it is long enough to send your patience on the rocks!

In America, most shopping malls provide the restroom facility down their long hallways in a place with minimum traffic. This is because the designers of the mall do not want to stain the elegance of the building with the restroom that digresses in its design from the overall design and feel of the shopping place. This strategy of the mall designers costs the shopping parents their comfort when their baby is in need of diaper-changing.

The only solution to this discomforting situation has only recently come from Abiie LLC’s BabyDeck™ Stroller which allows instant diaper-changing without the need to rushing the baby to the restroom. This specialized stroller has a built-in, foldable, durable diaper-changing platform that saves the parents or caregivers from a lot of trouble in shopping malls or anywhere out of their comfort zone. All you do is take the stroller to a less-trafficked spot, fold the diaper-changing table out of the stroller’s seat, change your baby’s diaper, and smile out of satisfaction.

In its latest quaint design, BabyDeck™ Stroller will be available for sale online at More details about this amazing baby carrier can be accessed online at

Thursday, October 4, 2007

BabyDeck™ Stroller’s Bed Time Story

Hmm!! So I finally have a voice. Bingo! Here I am, strolling by your baby’s cot, putting her to sleep with the little-told story of my birth. Now let me try to recall where it all started. I see many beautiful couples, strolling with their kids in parks, smiling and happy. And then something happens, making the parents rush to the nearest public restroom. The baby’s irritated expression tells me it is time to change diapers. But why do the moms and dads look annoyed?

It urns out that the public restroom they use is dirty, not facilitated with diaper-changing equipment, and studded with bacteria and viruses that are congratulating themselves on finding another little target for causing disease. I can see that the same couple of smiling parents is now sick of the leisure time they had awaited for the whole week. But I am not born yet, so I can’t help them. I wish I could.

One day, this wonderful couple of Jane and Ken are out with Ethan, their cute little, 3-months old, baby boy. They are enjoying their time with some other members of their family in a San Antonio theme park in Texas. All is well until the same nature’s call dawns on little Ethan and poor mom Jane rushes her to the nearest public restroom. By the way, it is not so near and the sizzling summer makes Jane’s search pretty bothersome.

Finally, mommy Jane finds a restroom and goes in to give Ethan a diaper change. And look what she finds in there: a crowd of people waiting their turn for using the unclean restroom. She is nauseated to see that the table used for diaper-changing is sooooooooooo dirty!!!! But she has to use it anyway or else Ethan will start crying due to the burning sensation on his bottom and might fall ill. Jane wonders if changing Ethan’s diapers on such a dirty table will leave Ethan safe from the monstrous germs that are invisibly lurking there. At length, she finishes her duty and exits the restroom, almost pulling out her hair.

Some time later, I see the couple again. Ken has sold the family car to buy a SUV with plenty of room at the back for changing Ethan’s diapers. But Jane’s suffering is not over yet. The SUV can’t go inside the mall or run on narrow paths and lanes. She still has to rush Ethan back to the vehicle to clean the baby boy and tie a neat diaper around him every two hours or so. The couple is frustrated like every other couple who travel out with their very young kids.

Suddenly, Jane and Ken decide to use their brains and get rid of the difficult diaper-changing problem in public places. They think, think, and think….and Eureka!!!!! The solution is so simple that they laugh at themselves and other parents for not arriving at it sooner. If the baby stroller, that parents use to carry their child, could be equipped with a platform that can folded into the seat and folded out for changing the baby’s diaper, there wouldn’t be the headache of worrying about finding a health-friendly restroom with diaper-changing facility. Babies would be lying in their cozy pram while their diapers are changed anytime and anywhere out in the public.

Ken and Jane shared their idea with other people who are good at converting ideas into real products. Soon after this, I was born with a foldable diaper-changing table made as part of the stroller’s seat. I am not just an odd-looking carrier; instead, I am as quaint and pretty as any modern baby stroller. Look at me baby and tell me….oh! There you go slumbering again without hearing the last word. No problem. Just go to your baby computer and click on to see how sophisticated I look. You won’t keep from thinking why I should not go for the Mr. Stroller 2008 contest. Oh Well, good night!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Baby Diaper-Changing Is Child’s Play!

Changing the diaper of a baby always seemed to me a hell of bothersome job. Thanks goodness that moms have instinctual love for their young babies, or else I could not think of how moms could take the pains to replace diapers in a series of movements that risk the baby’s health and safety: picking, placing, twisting the legs, rolling over, and fidgeting with the diaper ends-and all that in public places. Only later would I come to know that all this annoyance is created by the lack of a good, easy-to-work-on platform.

As I browsed for the various parenting products available online, my attention was at once engaged in the BabyDeck™ Stroller, a new kind of quaint-looking pram that promises the ease of changing your baby’s diaper anywhere, anytime, and with the maximum possible convenience. On their website I watched a brief video clip that shows a lady changing the diaper of a baby outdoors without taking the child out for placing on the floor or on a public diaper-changing table.

It was natural for me to wonder at how such a useful item could come so late in human history. I bet moms have been awaiting such a baby-carrier for ages! Anyhow, it’s a relief to welcome it at length (sigh). The easy operation of BabyDeck™ Stroller is the kind of service needed in our day when parents get a single weekend for a family outing after a tiring week’s work. The stroller itself is parent-child-friendly; moms and dads benefiting from the folding table of the pram’s seat and the child enjoying his easy ride without getting crabby over being dragged to a public restroom or placed on floor in the open, every two hours, for diaper-changing.

Frankly speaking, I am not the kind of person to take pains with the baby-diapers and thinking of rotting in public changing stations give me the creeps. In fact, I used to joke about the necessity of having a remote control sort of gadget ‘born’ with each infant for switching him/her off when needed (crying, peeing, and waking in the middle of the night). Well you may call that morbidity or sense of humor, as you choose, but I think that now I can be tempted by baby products like the BabyDeck™ Stroller to come out of my repulsive shell and acknowledge that it is not so hard to take care of babies after all.

If you want to see how the BabyDeck™ Stroller can relieve your worries of diaper-changing in public places, just watch the 20 seconds demo of this wondrous innovation at You’ll see that diaper-changing is just child’s play.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

BabyDeck™ Stroller Gives Tourist Couples Greater Freedom?

Freedom is an undeniable instinct. But so is the ‘nature’s call’. Can your instinct for taking free time out and your baby’s instinct to clean its bowels go together peacefully? Probably not, unless you owe a good baby carrier, like BabyDeck™ Stroller, with a hygienic diaper-changing platform.

The ideal of a comfortable travel with a baby is often foiled by a sudden need to change the baby’s diaper. This is especially annoying for tourist couples, most of them young and inexperienced. While traveling with their baby (or babies) to a resort on vacation, tourist couples frequently confront the lack of any restroom facility. Baby changing tables, of course, are out of questions at these spots. As a result, parents have to lay their child on the ground, in the open, and change his/her diaper. Annoyance and risk of infection go hand in hand!

BabyDeck™ Stroller comes as a relief to many such traveling couples who can’t spend their vacation home in order to avoid the snag of changing their baby’s diaper in the open. Staying indoors and depriving themselves, as well as their baby (babies), of the freedom to go out does not work for many parents (if for anyone at all). With a BabyDeck™ Stroller, tourist parents are at maximum freedom to view new places while cheering up in the blissful company of their baby kids.

The adjustable diaper-changing table of the BabyDeck™ Stroller makes it easy for traveling parents to change their baby’s diaper. Even if you are a single parent, the convenience of changing your child’s diaper BabyDeck™ Stroller is not disturbed. The freedom of your peripatetic soul is no more at risk from infections or public embarrassment. To know more and make an order for the BabyDeck™ Stroller, click on

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Is Changing Your Baby’s Diaper at a Public Station Safe?

Several kinds of bacteria are dangerous because they cause infections but they are more dangerous for being invisibly tiny. Seeing is believing. You don’t see these tiny culprits, and your health-conscious nerve has no reason to bother about the risks associated with them. But the sensitive skin of your little baby is never safe from the potential threat of bacterial infection that can start soon after you change your child’s diaper in a public diaper-changing area.

The apparent cleanliness of public changing places deludes so many parents into believing them as safe. However as Catharine Shaner, a pediatrician with the American Safety and Health Institute, warns: ‘Never put your child's bare bottom on a public diaper changing area unless you are able to disinfect the area yourself.’ Disinfecting a public changing area in a single lifetime? That really sounds like a clumsy joke! The bacterial infection costing you and your child a lot of trouble, however, is not funny.

By changing your baby’s diaper at a public changing station, you are inadvertently exposing the little thing to the following risks:

  • Urinary tract infections caused by the bacteria called Enterococcus faecalis

  • Intestinal and other infections (including pneumonia) by the bacteria Escherichia coli, or simply E coli

  • Vomiting and diarrhea (which may prove deadly in some cases) caused by rotavirus

    So does that mean you leave your child back at home, prone to all kinds of possible accidents, or hire a caregiver, every time you go out shopping or taking a walk? Not at all! The solution is a safe stroller equipped with a diaper-changing platform, like BabyDeck™ Stroller. The embedded diaper-changing table of BabyDeck™ Stroller helps you clean your baby and change his/her diaper, using your very own disposable changing pads that are free of bacteria and viruses. That is why BabyDeck™ Stroller claims to be a more health-friendly carrier for your child. More advantages and purchasing options are available at a click’s distance from

Friday, September 28, 2007

Change Your Baby’s Diaper While Keeping Your Cheerful Smile

Are you one of those many millions of people who dream of enjoying s peaceful travel with their young ones? Good! Now let’s be a little frank. How many times in your blissful dreams do you stop in the middle of the road because your baby’s diaper stinks and must be changed at once. May be this scene is not part of your sweet dreams of traveling with your child. Unfortunately, it is very frequently a part of all real travels with kids of up to toddler age.

While your child’s stinking is a problem for your good tastes of smell, it is more so for the poor baby itself. After all, it wasn’t his/her plan to spend an hour strolling in the park while the pressure building up in his/her bowels was sending out alarm signals each passing minute. Now you may afford to go easy on the foul smelling bundle swaddled up in the crib but what about the baby’s crabby mood? And then there is the irritation pinching the baby’s butts. Do you still think your dream of a happy travel with your baby is affordable? No?

Well then make it affordable. Yes, of course you can. Studies show that a newborn baby’s diaper must be changed every two hours. This means that you need to change 8 to 12 diapers daily to keep your baby safe from irritation and possible infection. While there are many places (restrooms and public lady washrooms) where you can stop by to change your child’s diaper, these places have their own discomforts. Waiting your turn in a long queue or putting your struggling onto floor due to non-availability of changing tables in the rest/wash rooms is no less nauseating than the baby’s smelly diaper.

So how do you maintain your easy smile while changing your baby’s diaper during travel? It’s easy. Get yourself a BabyDeck™ Stroller. Its embedded diaper-changing table allows you to change your baby’s diaper with maximum possible comfort, anytime, anywhere, without the queasy feeling associated with public restrooms. No more stinking babies and a smiling goodbye to those unhygienic and cheerless public restrooms! To know more about the BabyDeck™ Stroller and order one for your dream travel with your child, visit